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Feb 22 / 2023

Electric Bicycle Maintenance: 5 Important Tips!

An electric bike is an excellent option for sustainable mobility, but it is critical to ensure its proper maintenance in order to guarantee your safety and extend the life of your e-bike.

Since electric bicycles have additional components compared to conventional bikes, such as the motor and the battery, it is important to follow some maintenance recommendations to keep them in good condition. 

When you buy an e-bike, you will receive indications about its maintenance according to the number of kilometers traveled.

However, you should make regular quick revisions to aspects such as tires, chains, and brakes, among other components.


BEEQ gives you 5 tips so that you can maintain your e-bike working properly, in a quick and practical way.


Check your tires

One of the main maintenance recommendations for your e-bike is to check the tires regularly. 

You should be vigilant and make sure that the tires have the proper pressure so that there is no risk of punctures or other damage. In addition, it is important to check that the rims are aligned and that the wheels are securely attached to the frame of the e-bike. 

All this care is important so that the tires do not waste energy when pedaling.


Clean your bike

Another important recommendation is to clean the electric bicycle regularly.

Cleaning should not only be of the dirt accumulated on the frame and components, but also on the motor and battery. 

You can use a cloth wrung out with water or a small amount of neutral detergent, and finally, you can lubricate the chains and other moving components with appropriate products to ensure that they work properly and without friction. 

Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance is also essential to ensure that your electric bike works properly, so you should regularly check the battery charge levels.

You should always charge the battery after each use to ensure that you have a backup during the ride! 

In case you have long periods without using your e-bike you should leave the battery stored with a charge above 70%. In terms of storage, it is recommended to store the battery at room temperature. 

With these precautions, you can guarantee the maximum durability of your battery.  


Engine Maintenance

Engine maintenance is also essential and you can and should get certified service whenever necessary. 

For a simple check, you can regularly check the engine to make sure that it is running properly and that there is no abnormal noise or vibration. 

In addition, it is important to check that the motor is securely fastened to the frame of the e-bike, i.e. that there is no abnormal looseness of any kind. 


Check the Brakes

On electric bikes, brake pads wear out more quickly than on conventional bikes.

To be able to see the wear condition, check the rear brake; if you see asymmetrical wear on the brake pads, they should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure your safety when using your e-bike. 



These are essential tips to keep your e-bike well-maintained for as long as possible.

Prevention is always better than cure. Visit the BEEQ Online Store!

more news

Jun 03 / 2020

EU countries roll out incentives for E-Bike purchase

Updated 11th April 2021


All through Europe we are witnessing a renewed commitment to promote new ways of mobility in urban centers.

We fully support these incentives as they are a way to stimulate the people in making the right decision and choosing a bike for their everyday activities.

So, in order for you to take advantage of these incentives we have compiled a list, by country, of the incentives available.


We will keep it updated as more news roll out.



With the National Enviromental Fund you can get up to 350€ for on an E-Bike purchase funded by the Government

 Click here to apply

·        Lisbon

The city Hall offers up to 500€ in eBike purchase incetives for residents

 Click here to apply



There is a national incentive in place where you can get up to 500€ to help purchase your new ebike.

Click here know more



There are National and city wide incentives in place, depending on where you live you can be awarded up to 500€  

Click here to apply

·      Paris

La municipalité is offering up to 400€ on the purchase of a new eBike for those who choose to make the change and use an electric bikes as a main mode of transport

click here to apply



Companies can support their staff with commuter bikes for purchase through the Green Commute Initiative

Click to know more



Nacional incentive of up to 500€

Click here to apply



Several cities have their own incentives that can go up to 500€

Click to know more


The Netherlands

Companies award their staff a extra subsidy for commuting to work by bike

Click to know more



Cities like Munich are commited to roll out incentives of up to 500€ and there is plan for a nation wide incentive

Click to know more


There are some recent news on new incentives that are being planned to be presented for the rest of the year.


The future is looking good for e-mobility, and we are all about it!




May 13 / 2021

Behind BEEQ - How our ebikes are made

Designed, created and produced in Portugal, BEEQ was born out of a need to jump start a movement of change. 


At a critical moment for mobility when the world is beginning to think of the bicycle as a safe and healthy alternative to move around in cities, BEEQ emerges as the solution for those looking to make the smart choice - European-produced ebikes, with a focus in quality and at a competitive price. 


Where it all started 


BEEQ is a brand of RTE, one of the leading bicycles manufacturers in Europe, based in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.  


Understanding and believing in the potential and the role of electric bicycles for the sustainability of our planet, the brand started as a small project within the company to explore the know-how and high-quality standards developed over its years in the industry. 


Joining the mobility revolution that is inspiring cities and communities takes time and a lot of hard work.  


The brand was "in vitro" for 3 years while we tried hard to launch with the best range possible.  


We perfected the models, the logo design, the strategy and message. Looking for the right partners who share the same DNA as our company, who care for the sensational experience an e-bike can offer as much as we do. 


Production processes where adjusted, and new technologies developed to have one of the most inovative ebike production lines out there. 


No detail was left to chance. 


From a small laboratory, to the big city 


The result of the BEEQ project is a set of reliable, urban, sophisticated, competent and fun e-bikes.  


Launched in July 2020, amid one of the craziest periods of recent history, the brand helped contribute to the unprecedented cycling boom we witness today. 


Gorgeous, high quality and well made e-bikes that can be purchased, safely, anywhere in Europe, in the comfort of your own home. 


No compromise attitude 

Since 1983 our company as developed a platform of quality and innovation in our facilities that result, today, in around 7.000 bicycles produced per day. 


That knowloge and standards are now being applied to make BEEQ a trustworthy, high quality staple in the electric bicycle market. 


Our brand is made up of a young spirited and ambitious team with scrappy product developers, designers and engineers, proudly making reliable and affordable electric bikes in Europe for the whole world to enjoy. 




Jul 05 / 2021

Join the BEEQ Experience

Summer fever has arrived and we've gone loco!
We are offering you the opportunity to ride a BEEQ, for 2 months, without any cost or commitment!
BEEQ is a brand of electric bicycles made in Portugal that is revolutionizing the way the people move in their daily lives.
BEEQ ebikes are urban, sustainable and stylish.
We want you to have the opportunity to participate in this mobility revolution that is inspiring the whole of Europe.
What do you have to do to be one of the lucky ones selected?
It couldn't be easier:
Follow BEEQ on Instagram and record a short video that illustrates why you should be the recipient of the BEEQ Experience.

Film → Tagg → Share

❶ Record a short video - no more than 30 seconds
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❸ Explain to us how the electric bike will change your daily life
❹ Be creative, bold, funny.
❺ Inspire us!
❻ Share in your Instagram stories and identify @beeq.bicycles
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Are you going to miss this opportunity?? Summer is here and it calls for some good bike rides.
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Share with us what it's like to be the proud owner of a BEEQ and how it changed your life!
Use #beeqexperience and #beeqfamily and join the party!
Our team will review the most creative and inspiring submissions and pre-select 20 submissions.
A sensational robot will complete the process by selecting the winner at random.
The 2 (two) first winners will be selected on July 16, 2021.
A new selection of the 2 (two) remaining winners will be made on July 31, 2021.
This selection will be reported transparently by BEEQ.
The selection and winners will be announced on the various pages of the brand.
Winners will be contacted by the brand via Instagram to later send data for access to the use of the electric bicycle during the period stipulated by the contest.
Offer valid only for residents in mainland Portugal.