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The world moves fast. Spinning day by day, changing years of habits and conventions. But not everyone sees change in the same light. Some hide from it. Other greet innovation with a smile and refuse to be left behind. That how BEEQ was born.    
Making a good choice is not just about getting something you like or need. It’s about investing in quality and making an investment for the future. Your future and a future for us all.
High quality
Up there. That’s where BEEQ aims when it comes to quality standards. The best materials, the best design and the best manufacture.
Agile and versatile. BEEQ is a perfect match for a busy city lifestyle. You’ll love gliding through rush hour.
Every single part of your BEEQ is assembled with care and expertise, so you can rely on its unique performance.
What’s the best part about riding a bike? Riding. Letting go and enjoying the journey. That’s why BEEQ is designed with fun in mind.
Looking good at high speed. That’s the spirit of BEEQ, a bike that manages to blend style and quality in equal measure.
That's how BEEQ was born. To keep up with the rhythm of modern lives. To keep up the pace of bike design. To keep up with new ways to tackle mobility. And to keep up with the urge to change the course of global warming.

Find your beeq

B400 Urban Low Step

Effortlessly Glide: Embrace the Urban Flow with B400 Urban Low Step!

B400 Urban High Step

Style and comfort in a discreet package meet B400.

C800 Urban Motion

Arrive in effortless style with the C800 Urban Motion. Only available in L size.

E800 Urban Motion Lite

Swift! That’s how the E800 Urban Motion LITE moves through the city.

E850 Urban Motion

Effortlessly gliding through the bustling streets with E850 Urban Motion!

C800 Trekking

Arrive in effortless style with the C800 TREKKING. Only available in L size.

E850 Trekking

Ready for any ride, any day and anywhere with E850 Trekking!

M500 Wild

Elevate your mountain biking experience with the Wild M500. Only available in L size.

M500 ATB Wild

Perfect for adventure, experience the thrill of conquering from the city to the mountain with the M500 ATB! Only available in L size.

M700 Wild

Conquer the mountain, defy limits and enjoy the ride with M700!

M850 Full Suspension

Experience the thrill of riding M850, where adventure and excitement await at every turn!

S950 Full Suspension Carbon

Get ready for thrilling adventures with the S950, no matter where the trail takes you!

G400 Gravel

Style and comfort in a discreet package meet G400.

E850 Trekking Low Step

Ready for any ride, any day and anywhere with E850 Trekking Low Step!