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Privacy policy

When accessing the BEEQ-BICYCLES website, brand of the company RTE, S.A., some personal information may be captured or requested.

RTE, S.A., owner of BEEQ-BICYCLES, strives to ensure that your privacy is protected when using and browsing its website.

In this policy you can consult which data is captured, why, how it is used, for how long, where it is kept and under what security measures.

By using this website you are consenting to the terms described in this Privacy Policy, as a whole.

Therefore, before proceeding, carefully read this privacy policy and the respective Terms & Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with them, please do not proceed with the navigation on this website.

In addition, you should take into account that the terms of this Privacy Policy, including, regarding the Cookies used, may be altered, provided that the alteration is useful, necessary or appropriate, always respecting the applicable legal and contractual limits.

However, whenever a change to this policy is made, you will be notified of this, which can happen through the display of a banner or a pop-up window, when you first access the BEEQ-BYCICLES website after publication or entry in effect of the changes, or by email, if it is understood that the magnitude or importance of the changes in question requires it.

You will thus have the possibility to review the modified policy, assess the consequences of changes made to the processing of your data and, if you so wish, revoke your consent for the treatment of data that depend on it, oppose any treatment, cancel any subscribed services or require the deletion of your data, depending on what you consider appropriate to your interests.


1. Information of the person responsible for the use of your data


This website is owned by the company RTE, S.A., NIPC 501 444 866, headquartered Rua Caminho do Senhor, (4144-000) Serzedo e Perosinho, Vila Nova de Gaia, owner of the BEEQ- BICYCLES brand.

The personal data you provide here will always be managed by this company, exclusively in pursuit of the purposes of the BEEQ-BICYCLES brand, as its controller and responsible for its treatment, according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, April 27, 2016 - hereinafter referred to as GDPR.


2. What personal data will you be asked for?


Depending on the time and purpose, personal data from the following categories may be collected:

i. Identification data, namely, your name and surname, your language, your location, your contact details, your address;

ii. Financial data, namely, those related to the payment method selected when making a purchase;

iii. History of purchases, orders and returns;

iv. Connection data, such as your IP address, user agent (your browser), type of device through which you interact with us (smartphone, tablet or other);

v. Geolocation data;

saw. Preferences for navigation, products and purchases and related to the management of the commercial relationship, such as, for example, the subscription to our newsletter.


3. For what purposes do we capture this data?


Before capturing any personal data and / or information, we evaluate the existence of a purpose for each treatment.

So that you can know, as well as we do, the processing of personal data for which we are responsible and its purposes, we have prepared a list of the data we collect, at the various times when you interact with us.

We do not include the data that we are obliged to collect and process by law. As for these, if you want any clarification, you can contact us via email [email protected].


REGISTRATION - When you register as a user on our website, to identify yourself, guarantee your access to the reserved area and its functionalities, namely, the products and services available to you as a registered user. You can delete your account at any time by sending an email to [email protected].


PURCHASES - In order to comply with our obligations arising from the purchase and sale contract or the provision of services you have entered into with us, in particular:

  • To contact you whenever it is necessary to inform you of the update of the features, products or services contracted, thus ensuring your satisfaction with the service provided;
  • To save your delivery address or payment method details, for future purchases, if you wish. In this case, your address and payment details will remain automatically filled so that you do not have to enter them again when making a new purchase. You can modify or delete them at any time;
  • To deliver your purchases at the point of sale at the time of each purchase.
  • To monitor the suitability of the transaction and avoid fraud in the purchase process;
  • To manage returns;
  • To answer your questions related to the availability of articles, product reservations or requests for test-drives;
  • To provide assistance related to the products purchased;
  • To proceed with billing and to provide you with the respective purchase invoices.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT - To answer your questions or requests, in which case, the data strictly necessary to resolve the issue will be collected, and this need will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


QUALITY OF SERVICE - We will treat your data resulting from your use of our website, in any of its functionalities. These data will be processed for analytical and statistical purposes so that we can understand your interaction with our website and, thus, improve the service we provide. We may also use your data to carry out quality surveys to find out how satisfied you are with our services. In this case, we will use your contacts to ask you to participate in such surveys and, if you agree to participate, we will treat the resulting information in a pseudonymised manner.


MARKETING - For this purpose, the following are included:

• Management of subscription to our newsletter and sending information and personalized communications about our products or services, through the means you select for that purpose. Such functionalities can be canceled at any time, and in all our communications we will include a link and instructions so that you can do it easily;

• Analysis of your user or customer profile, based on your purchase and browsing history, in order to determine what your preferences are and to ensure that we send you assertive communications.

To post on our website, or on our social media pages, photographs or images that you have shared publicly, if you give us your express consent for that purpose.

Finally, and to understand who our customers and potential customers are, we will use data such as age, sex and Geolocation of users and visitors to our website in an aggregate manner.


4. What are the legal grounds for processing your data, according to these purposes?


We have already shown you the purposes that govern the processing of your personal data. It is now necessary to clarify its legitimacy, explaining which lawfulness fundamentals validate each of the treatments described.

It is worth remembering that, for any type of data collected, compliance with a legal obligation (eg, responding to a request to exercise rights, issuing invoices, etc.) may be at stake. These cases will not be discriminated against, otherwise it will not be possible to make an exhaustive list. Anyway, if you want to know more about them, please send an email to [email protected].


REGISTRATION - We need to process your data in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of use applicable to the use of our website, in particular, to your registration. So when you register you are entering into a contract with us. On our part, in order to manage your registration and guarantee the services we propose to provide you with, we need to process your personal data related to the registration, namely, your name and email address.


SHOPPING - Once again, when purchasing on our website, you are entering into a contract with us. In order to fulfill our obligations under this contract, we need the following data:

• Contact details - E-mail address and name, if you have not registered or have chosen to proceed with your purchase as a visitor;

• Delivery address and contact details for the delivery of purchased products - if you make a purchase for which you require home delivery;

• Payment data;

• Billing data - including your VAT number, name and address, whenever your purchase value exceeds € 1,000.00;

• Information on the purchases made, which are within the return period - in case you intend to return the purchased product, within 14 days after delivery;

• Preference of the point of sale to collect the purchased products - if you choose to deliver the product to the store and not to your home;

• Contact details - if it is necessary to inform you of the update of the features, products or services contracted, as well as if you ask us questions related to the availability of articles and product reservation or, still, to provide assistance related to the purchased products. or take a test drive.

On the other hand, if you want us to keep your address and payment details on our website for future purchases, we will do so based on your express and unambiguous consent.

Finally, we have a legitimate interest in monitoring the suitability of transactions related to purchasing processes, since we intend to guarantee the security of our commercial transactions.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Our customer support services are diverse in nature. In fact, if you contact us with any question related to any order or product purchased through our website, or about which you want pre-sale information, we will process the data necessary for the correct and full execution of the purchase and sale contract in question. or the provision of pre-contractual information.

If you contact us for any other reason, we will process the necessary data to give you a complete and quick answer. In this case, we understand that we have a legitimate interest in doing so, in order to keep our customers, users or visitors satisfied.


QUALITY OF SERVICE - The processing of data resulting from your use of our website and the quality surveys in which you participate will be treated in a personalized way. Still, it is important to inform that such treatments will be made based on our legitimate interest in improving the service we provide and, with this, to keep our customers, users and visitors satisfied.


MARKETING - In this case, depending on the type of treatment, we may be faced with cases where we will treat your data only based on your consent. These are the cases of the use of your contact to send our newsletter, the treatment of data resulting from your purchase history and use to send personalized offers, the use of your photographs made public, on our social networks or any other another case where we decide to do some campaign or promotional action.

However, if you make a purchase, we understand that you have a legitimate interest in sending you, for a limited period of time, information about products similar or complementary to the one you purchased.

Furthermore, we understand that we have a legitimate interest also in defining your customer or user profile based on the information we keep about you, namely, the result of your browsing history and purchasing preferences and based on the data you provided us directly, when your registration or first purchase, such as your gender, age, location (country) or language, as we will only use them in order to improve your user experience, by refining the information that is passed on to you first.

You can consult the updated list of our subcontractors here.


6. Where is this data stored?


The personal data you provide to RTE, S.A. will be stored in the European Economic Area.

If RTE, S.A. comes to file your data outside this space, it will only do so in territories that offer the same type of protection as that required in the European Union.

In any case, RTE, S.A. will always be responsible for processing and, therefore, for ensuring the security of your data.


7. Period of storage of personal data


RTE, SA will keep your data for as long as is strictly necessary to satisfy the aforementioned purposes, to prove any transaction and / or to exercise any right or defend itself in court, if necessary, or even in cases where the treatment stems from a legal obligation, for the period that the law requires it to retain them.

Bearing in mind the purposes described in this privacy policy, we will keep your data, according to the following matrix:


CONNECTION DATA - We will keep your connection data to our website for a period of 6 months from the last access.


REGISTRATION - We will keep your registration data until you decide to cancel your registration on our website.


PURCHASES - In this case, we will keep the data whose treatment is intended for the fulfillment and execution of the purchase contract and seeing for the time strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the contract in question, namely those of product delivery, return or complaints.

As for the data related to the purchase of products and which we keep based on your consent, we will keep them only until you decide to withdraw that consent.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT - The data we process in the context of our customer support services will be kept for the time strictly necessary to answer your questions or requests.


QUALITY OF THE SERVICE - The information resulting from the analysis of your use of our website and the quality surveys in which you participate will be kept for a period of one year, counted from each use or each participation in surveys.

After this period, such data may be deleted or anonymized.


MARKETING - We will use your data to send our newsletter and the data resulting from your purchase and usage history to send personalized offers, or your photos made public, on our social networks only until you withdraw your consent for this purpose . If you simply cease to be our customer, we will delete such data within one year of your last purchase or your last visit to our website.

In the case of campaigns or promotional actions, the data retention periods used to direct such campaigns will be fixed and disclosed in each initiative, according to the principles of necessity, relevance, limitation and adequacy of the data to the purposes in question and loyalty and transparency in their treatment. In any case, if no other term is applicable or mentioned, your data will be deleted as soon as one year has passed since the end of the campaign or promotional action, without prejudice to the exercise of your rights, under the general terms provided for in the applicable legislation.

As for the communications we send you following a purchase, we will only do so, using your data for a period of one year after your last purchase, taking into account the nature of our activity, namely within the scope of BEEQ - BICYCLES.

As for your customer or user profile, built based on the information we collect about you (browsing history, shopping preferences, gender, age, location (country) or language) we will delete it, as well as the data that you have they originated, one year after their last purchase or visit to our website or as soon as they oppose their treatment.

After these periods, your data will be anonymized or safely deleted from our database.


8. Security of your personal data


RTE, S.A. employs appropriate technical, organizational and administrative security measures to protect the data it stores, whether against loss, misuse and / or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.


9. Data Subject's Rights


RTE, S.A., NIPC 501 444 866, is responsible for processing your data.

As such, RTE, S.A. guarantees you the exercise of your rights related to the protection of your personal data, such as access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment, opposition or portability of your personal data. However, none of these rights is absolute, so all these requests will always be properly analyzed, under the terms of the applicable data protection legislation, and taking into account any conflicting and third party rights. RTE, SA will respond to you within a maximum period of 30 days after the receipt of your request, unless the special complexity of it prevents it, in which case RTE, SA reserves the right to extend this period, until 60 days. At the end of this period, the result of the weighting carried out will always be communicated to you, specifying the reasons for the decision taken, through the email contact or address indicated by you in your request.

As for your access requests, you will be sent a copy of your personal data, if possible, in electronic format. If the requested information conflicts with the rights and freedoms of third parties or with preeminent interests of RTE, SA, a careful analysis of the request and the rights in dispute will be conducted, and it may be the case that it is not possible to proceed with the request for access made.

To rectify or complete your personal data, simply address the request to the Responsible for Processing (RTE, S.A.), identifying the data to be rectified and indicating the desired rectifications.

You can also oppose RTE, S.A. to limit the processing of your personal data, if you just want your treatment to be suspended. This claim can be fulfilled when you want to contest the accuracy of the data processed at RTE, S.A. and, for that purpose, you want to see your treatment limited while the accuracy of these data is verified or the decision on a request to oppose the treatment is pending. Having limited the processing of the data, they will only be processed again by RTE, S.A. after their consent, unless a legal obligation imposes the said treatment.

The request for the deletion of your data will be verified and, if it fits in one of the situations provided for in paragraph 1 of article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation and none of the situations provided for in paragraph 3 of the same article, this request will be granted.

You may also object to the processing of your personal data, provided that it is based on the legitimate interest of RTE, SA, unless there are compelling and legitimate reasons to maintain such treatment or, in cases where it is found that the treatment it is necessary to ensure the exercise or defense of a right in judicial proceedings.

Finally, if you intend to exercise the right to portability, RTE, S.A. will analyze it to consider its feasibility, first of all to check if the treatment in question is done by automated means, based on consent or the execution of a contract.

Also, in all cases, if it is found that the request conflicts with the rights and freedoms of third parties or that conflict with any legal obligation of the Data Controller, RTE, S.A. may justifiably deny such request.

RTE, S.A. reserves the right to demand the payment of a fee, if administrative costs are incurred in satisfying your requests.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission, at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your data, you can also contact the Data Protection Officer of RTE, S.A. for BEEQ-BYCICLES, by email [email protected]. You will be given a response within a maximum of 30 days from receipt of that email.


10. Cookies


The RTE, S.A. website uses small information files that are stored on your internet access device, through your browser. These files are called cookies or testimonials.

These files collect and store data related to your browsing, in order to improve your browsing experience.

There are cookies of various types, some of which are more intrusive than others, as they collect more or less information, which disseminate it to more or less recipients and which are more or less persistent, taking into account the time spent in the user's terminal .

On the BEEQ-BICYCLES website, brand of RTE, S.A., the following cookies are used:

• Legal - with a duration of 7 days, they are files whose function is to announce the use of other cookies on the website and to store the information that the visitor has become aware of the privacy policy in force. It gives the user the option to deactivate them, in this case remaining only one whose function is to remember the option of deactivating these cookies taken by the user;

• Resolution - lasting 1140 seconds (when there is no activity), they are session cookies whose function is to remember the configuration (width and height) of the screen used to access our website;

• PHPSESSID - lasting 1140 seconds (when there is no activity), these cookies are also session cookies that are used to identify the registered user who is visiting the website and to store shopping cart data;


All of these cookies are proprietary and serve, in short, to improve the functionality of our website, adapting them to your usage preferences and improving, therefore, your browsing experience.

We also use third-party cookies, such as the following:

• Google Analytics, which allows us to understand and record the behavior of our users. This service provided by Google allows to obtain information and evaluate the use of users on the present platform, improving their experience. In particular, it is possible to ascertain information such as, for example, the number of times the user visits our platforms, the duration of visits or the pages from which accesses are made. The information we obtain through this service is statistical in nature, that is, we are not informed of the identity of each of our users, but only the trends registered in the various visits to our website. The main cookie used by this service is the "_ga". For more information about the setting of these cookies, we suggest that you consult the following page:;

• Cloudflare, which is a website optimizer and accelerator. We use this service to control the traffic that reaches our page and to filter out invalid accesses, threats and other unwanted requests. At the same time, this service speeds up valid visit requests, through mechanisms for dispersing content and compressing and optimizing data to be sent. This tool can place some cookies on the terminal used by the user to satisfy these purposes. For more information on the setting of these cookies, we suggest that you consult the following page:;

• Add This, which is a tool that serves to share content on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, among others. For more information on the setting of these cookies, we suggest that you consult the following page:;

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• Facebook. Our page is integrated with Facebook, so a cookie can be used to check if the user is logged in on Facebook. For more information on the setting of these cookies, we suggest that you consult the following page:;

• Hubspot, which is a tool that uses cookies to store data related to contacts and subscriptions on the website and in the reception list of our newsletter. It is a tool for managing leads, sales and email marketing. This tool can place some cookies on the terminal used by the user to perform these purposes. For more information on the setting of these cookies, we suggest that you consult the following page:


Once again, you can choose to turn these cookies off, or just some of them, with the exception of Cloudflare cookies, which we consider to be essential for maintaining the security of our website, by clicking on "decline" in the bar available at the bottom of the page, which contains a notice on the GDPR. However, please be aware that this may affect the way you interact with our website, and may, eventually, prevent you from logging in to certain programs, websites or forums of our and other networks.


11. External links


The RTE, S.A. website contains links to external locations.

In particular, and in order to provide our users with the best possible experience and services, we use third-party tools / plug-ins, namely from companies in the Facebook, Inc. group (Facebook and Instagram) and Google LLC (YouTube) . These plug-ins allow your browser to establish a direct connection with these social networks, providing access to sharing and additional content. However, you must be aware that RTE, S.A. does not control, nor has any influence on the content of the plug-ins of the social networks and search engine concerned. If you want to obtain more information about the extent of the collection and processing of personal data made by these entities, you should consult their privacy policy.