Jun 03 / 2020

More countries roll out incentives for E-Bike purchases

All through Europe we are witnessing a renewed commitment to promote new ways of mobilty in urban centers.

We fully support these incentives as they are a way to stimulate the people in making the right decision and choosing a bike for their everyday activities.

So, in order for you to take advantage of these incentives we have compiled a list, by country, of the incentives available.


We will keep it updated as more news roll out.

Portugal - National Enviromental Fund, up to 350€ for on  an E-Bike purchase  Click here to apply

Lisbon - The city Hall offers up to 500€ in eBike purchase incetives for residents Click here to apply

Italy - National incentive, up to 500€ for people that live in cities  Click here know more

France - There are National and city wide incentives in place, depending on where you live you can be awarded up to 500€  Click here to apply

UK - Companies can support their staff with commuter bikes for purchase through the Green Commute Initiative. Click to know more

Austria - Nacional incentive of up to 500€  Click here to apply

Belgium - Several cities have their own incentives that can go up to 500€  Click to know more

Netherlands - Companies award their staff a extra subsidy for commuting to work by bike  Click to know more

Germany - Cities like Munich are commited to roll out incentives of up to 500€ and there is plan for a nation wide incentive  Click to know more


There are some recent news on new incentives that are being planned to be presented for the rest of the year.

Take Germany for example,  government is giving a push for new incentives to be put in place (news story here).


The future is looking good for e-mobilty, and we are all about it!