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1. Pick your date & time

Choose the partner closest to you.

 You can book a timeslot directly in the links below.

You will receive a booking confirmation. The booking will show on you calendar.


 2. Pick the model

You can test any model in our range, and multiple bikes in the same booking. Selecting a specific BEEQ model will allow our partners to make sure to reserve that model specifically for you. 

 In case you would like to test different models you can book two rides. You must book in the same booking tool.


 3 .Enjoy the ride

Hop on the bike and take it for a spin.

Most of the time you will be testing our E-Bikes on the streets. Therefore you need to be confident enough to ride independently and safely.

If you have a helmet we would recommend that you bring it. You will always be able to borrow a helmet from our demo fleet.

We usually have 30minutes time slots for testing per bike. In case we are not fully booked you can also test longer.

Don’t want to ride alone? No worries! You can book a ride together with a friend, provided that the desired E-Bikes are available at the desired time.


4. Stay in touch

Fall in love with our E-Bikes and join the movement. Stay up to date - FOLLOW US

Still have questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]




During COVID-19, we’re following all health recommendations.

You are responsible for your personal insurance. The test bike is fully covered by our insurance. In order to participate in the test ride, you will have to sign our waiver before the ride.